For over 25 years, Sarcon has built a reputation in New Mexico for delivering the highest quality construction services. From designing and planning through to construction and completion, every aspect of our process is led by our sincere commitment to doing things right and building things well.

What sets Sarcon apart is that we actively and conscientiously work to communicate effectively with all the parties involved. We are good listeners and maintain well-organized project documents. This extra step is critical for avoiding misunderstandings and staying on track.

Ingrained in our ethic are the principles of sustainable design and building and superior execution. Sarcon carefully chooses for its team only those who have the skills and the passion to produce quality work. Every one of us takes personal pride in each project, from the initial stages all the way through completion. Sarcon performs on most projects as either a Construction Manager or a Design-Builder. We also build projects as a traditional General Contractor. In all of our roles, we actively promote the principles of sustainable design and building and environmental stewardship. Sarcon is deeply committed to reducing the use of fuel for heating and cooling, conserving precious water, and minimizing indoor and outdoor air pollution, to name just a few of the obvious impacts of building construction. We believe this directly benefits both our clients and the environment for years to come. After all, we build our structures—like our reputation—to last.

We are a modest size company and have made a deliberate choice to stay that way. We take on obligations carefully, so that we may perform them very well and provide exceptional service. Our style is low-key and professional. We strive to exceed our client’s expectation and build structures that we can be proud of.