Commercial Services


Sarcon provides Pre-construction services such as cost estimating, value engineering, scheduling, construction phasing, constructability reviews, weekly design review meetings with the Owner, input from key subcontractors as to building systems, and means & methods of construction. We are often tasked with the following deliverables:

  1. Provide an initial budget based on conceptual and/or Schematic plans. This budget will be reviewed by the project team, modified as required, and developed into a mutually agreeable budget itemized into cost systems for each component.
  2. Prepare preliminary estimates for each phase of the work as design information becomes available (Design Development and Construction Documents).
  3. Provide value engineering input by reviewing conceptual and working drawings during their preparation focusing on construction methods and details. Cost analysis of design options will be carried out and recommendations made for alternatives.
  4. Evaluate market conditions and schedule bid to obtain the most competitive prices commensurate with overall project scheduling.
  5. Prepare cash flow projections and update regularly.
  6. Prepare a preliminary schedule following initial review of the project. This schedule will contain activities integrating the whole team to include entitlements, permits, approvals, design development, bid packages, etc.
  7. Update and revise the approved master schedule as necessary to coordinate the ongoing activities of all members of the project team, with major updates/increase in detail in conjunction with major budget updates.
  8. Monitor progress on both design and other preconstruction activities with regular reports indicating the responsibility for any corrective action.
  9. Provide input as required to Owner’s entitlement process.
  10. Provide constructability review of the bid documents. This review will verify and help identify any problems in the following areas:
    • Reasonableness of work sequence, interface relationships, and periods of performance.
    • Adequacy of lead times for material and equipment procurement.
    • Accuracy of job-site description and depiction of conditions.
    • Degree of site restrictions and adequacy of access, work areas and disposal sites.
    • Availability of utility connections for construction.
    • Consideration of the impact of adverse weather on the CPM schedule and milestone operations.
    • Impact upon and plans for pedestrian and vehicular traffic and ongoing operations.