Mallard Motorplex

Executive Architect: G. Donald Dudley Architect, Ltd., Associated Architect: McCormick Architects
15,500 sf
Completion Date

This project consists of five private storage lofts with a separate building for the purpose of storage only. The lofts units contain flexible interiors that are designed to house dwelling or office spaces on the second level which overlook skillfully Spartan mechanic areas and car collections below. The design team also took inspiration from the geologic formations and the associated volcanic rocks of the Cenozoic era which rest throughout the area on eroded surface cuts. After the last series of volcanic eruptions which occurred about 50,000 years ago, water, sun, heat, cold, and microbial action oxidized minerals in the basalt, producing a thin patina of dark desert varnish. The design intent of the buildings is to echo this rugged and beautiful geology and synthesize it into the architecture. The lower levels of the facility reflect this history through oxidized cladding. Juxtaposed on the upper levels is a sleek, ribbed metal skin. The project also utilizes abundant natural light complemented with LED electric lighting, high efficiency heating and cooling systems and water harvesting for the landscape on-site.